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Air Gun Power Sources - Spring-piston
... Spring-piston air guns are able to achieve muzzle velocities near or greater than the speed of sound from a single stroke of a cocking lever or the barrel itself ... cocking stroke is usually related to the power of the gun, with higher muzzle velocities requiring greater effort ... Spring-piston guns operate by means of a coiled steel spring-loaded piston contained within a compression chamber, and separate from the barrel ...
Air Gun Laws - United States
... Sale and possession of air guns are not regulated federally, nor are they regulated by most state and local governments ... States and municipalities which do restrict or prohibit air gun sales or possession in some manner are San Francisco, New York City, Camden, New Jersey and Newark, New Jersey ... in many cities prohibit the discharge of air guns outdoors outside of an approved range ...
Air Gun Laws
... This is a list of laws concerning air guns by country ... While in some countries air guns are not subject to any specific regulation, in most there are laws, which differ widely ... Each jurisdiction has its own definition of an air gun and regulations may vary for weapons of different bore, muzzle energy or velocity, or material of ammunition, with guns designed ...
Types of Rangaku - Mechanical Sciences - Pumps
... Air pump mechanisms became popular in Europe from around 1660 following the experiments of Boyle ... These mechanisms were used to demonstrate the necessity of air for animal life and combustion, typically by putting a lamp or a small pump in a vacuum, and were also used to make ... applications were found as well, such as in the manufacture of air guns by Kunitomo Ikkansai, after he repaired and analyzed the mechanism of some Dutch air guns which had been offered to ...

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    Again the guns disturbed the hour,
    Roaring their readiness to avenge,
    As far inland a Stourton Tower,
    And Camelot, and starlit Stonehenge.
    Thomas Hardy (1840–1928)

    An innocent man is a sin before God. Inhuman and therefore untrustworthy. No man should live without absorbing the sins of his kind, the foul air of his innocence, even if it did wilt rows of angel trumpets and cause them to fall from their vines.
    Toni Morrison (b. 1931)