Air Force Cross (United Kingdom)

Air Force Cross (United Kingdom)

The Air Force Cross (AFC) is a military decoration awarded to personnel of the United Kingdom Armed Forces, and formerly also to officers of the other Commonwealth countries, for "an act or acts of valour, courage or devotion to duty whilst flying, though not in active operations against the enemy". A bar is added to the ribbon for holders who are awarded a second AFC.

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Air Force Cross (United Kingdom) - Description
... The medal is a silver cross 60 mm high and 54 mm wide,representing aircraft propeller blades,with wings between the arms ... At the top of the upper arm is the royal crown,while the other three arms bear the royal cypher of the reigning monarch at the time of issue ... The ribbon was originally white with red broad horizontal stripes,but changed in 1919 to the current white with red broad diagonal stripes at a 45-degree angle ...

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