Air America – Gloria Wise Loan Controversy

Air America – Gloria Wise Loan Controversy

The Air America — Gloria Wise loan controversy concerned a loan from the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Clubs given to radio station Air America. The legality of the loan was investigated for several reasons, including the Boys and Girls Club being a charity organization and a conflict of interest as Evan Cohen was at the time chairman of both entities.

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Air America – Gloria Wise Loan Controversy - Settlement
... On September 8, 2005, Danny Goldberg, CEO of Air America, announced that the board of directors of the network's owner had accelerated its payment schedule and deposited the full $875,000 into the escrow ... Goldberg said the portion of the agreement that listed the Gloria Wise claim of $875,000 did not apply to Mr ... Franken does not have and never had any responsibility for this loan", Mr ...

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