Agouti refers to a number of species of New World rodents, as well as a number of genes affecting coat coloration in several different animal species. Agouti fur contains a pattern of pigmentation in which individual hairs have several bands of light and dark pigment with black tips.

When referring to a rodent, agouti can mean:

  • The common agoutis (genus Dasyprocta), are those popularly called agoutis
  • Acouchies (genus Myoprocta), commonly called tailed agoutis
  • Pacas (genus Cuniculus, which was formerly called Agouti), contains the two species of pacas and is the only genus in the family Cuniculidae
  • Agouti is also a guinea pig breed

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List Of Rodents - Suborder Hystricomorpha - Family Dasyproctidae
... Genus Dasyprocta Azara's Agouti, (D.azarae) Coiban Agouti, (D ... coibae) Crested Agouti, (D ... cristata) Black Agouti, (D ...
Amelanism - Aphaeomelanism
... This absence is mediated by agouti signalling protein, which antagonizes melanocortin 1 receptor ... Loss of function of agouti signalling protein can permit unmediated phaeomelanin production, producing a uniformly black-to-brown coat color ... The appearance of mammals with recessive agouti mutations is typically dense black ...
Point Coloration in Horses
... In horses, point coloration is produced by the action of the Agouti gene, which acts on the extension gene, when present, to suppress black color to the extremities of the horse the legs ... gene is not present, the effect of agouti is not visible ... Other genes or white markings may affect a horse's coat color in addition to agouti, and if present, can alter or suppress black hair color, which will mask any ...
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... The Coiban agouti (Dasyprocta coibae) is a species of rodent in the family Dasyproctidae ... and resembles the more widespread Central American Agouti ...
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