Affair of The Poisons

The Affair of the Poisons (L'affaire des poisons) was a major murder scandal in France which took place in 1677–1682, during the reign of King Louis XIV. During it, a number of prominent members of the aristocracy were implicated and sentenced on charges of poisoning and witchcraft. The scandal reached into the inner circle of the King. It led to the execution of 36 people.

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Affair Of The Poisons - Condemned in The Poison Affair - Clients
... This lists people involved in the Poison Affair by being clients of the professionals above ... Jean Bartholominat, valet of Louis de Vanens the last executed in the Affair of the Poisons 16 July 1682 ...
Man In The Iron Mask - Eustache Dauger – The Name of The Prisoner - Affair of The Poisons
... Maurice Duvivier linked Eustache Dauger de Cavoye to the Affair of the Poisons, a notorious scandal of 1677–1682 in which people in high places were accused of being involved in black mass and poisonings ... that during the enquiry the investigators were told about a supplier of poisons, a surgeon named Auger, and Duvivier became convinced that Dauger de Cavoye, disinherited and short of money, had become Auger, the ...

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