Advanced Soaring Concepts Spirit

The Advanced Soaring Concepts Spirit, also called the Advanced Soaring Concepts American Spirit, is an American mid-wing, T-tailed. single-seat, FAI Standard Class glider that was designed by Tor Jensen and produced by Advanced Soaring Concepts, first flying in 1992. The aircraft was produced in kit form for amateur construction.

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Advanced Soaring Concepts Spirit - Specifications (Spirit)
... General characteristics Crew one Wingspan 49 ft 3 in (15 m) Wing area 101.1 sq ft (9.39 m2) Aspect ratio 23.91 Empty weight 508 lb (230 kg) Gross weight 1,160 lb (526 kg) Performance Stall speed 44 mph (38 kn 71 km/h) Maximum glide ratio 441 Wing loading 11.47 lb/sq ft (56.0 kg/m²). ...

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