Absolute Primogeniture

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Alternative Successions Of The English Crown - Absolute Primogeniture
... The alterations would replace male preference primogeniture — under which sons take precedence over daughters in the lines of succession — with absolute primogeniture ... If this system of primogeniture were applied during the reign of Victoria, whose successor in fact was her second child and first son Edward VII, then Princess Victoria, Princess Royal would be the queen and ... to the British throne as this alternative line of succession is only a presumed line if absolute primogeniture took effect during the reign of Queen Victoria ...
Line Of Succession To The Throne Of Luxembourg - Succession Law - Absolute Primogeniture
... Salic law was abandoned in favour of absolute primogeniture on 20 June 2011, allowing any legitimate female descendants within the House of Nassau to be included in the succession by ...
Variations - Absolute Cognatic Primogeniture
... Absolute, equal or lineal primogeniture, known in French as aînesse intégrale (integral primogeniture), is inheritance by the oldest surviving child without regard to ... It is also known as (full) cognatic primogeniture today ... This form of primogeniture was not practiced by any modern monarchy before 1980 ...

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