2003 in New Zealand - Deaths


  • 8 January: Mac Price, diplomat.
  • 22 January: Dylan Taite, music journalist.
  • 14 April: John Kent, cartoonist.
  • 30 April: Peter 'Possum' Bourne, rally driver.
  • 12 May: Stan Lay, MBE, Olympic javelin thrower
  • 24 May: Dr. Neil Cherry, environmental scientist.
  • 21 July: John Davies, athlete.
  • 2 September: Dame Reubina (Ann) Ballin.
  • 5 September: Sir Richard Harrison, politician.
  • 7 September: Merv Wellington, politician.
  • 15 September: Anthony Treadwell, architect.
  • 31 October: Lindsay Weir, cricketer.
  • 24 November: Millie Khan, bowler.
  • Jonathan Dennis, film historian.
  • Mike Hinge, artist and illustrator.
  • Philip Holloway, politician.
  • Allan McCready, politician.
  • Sid Scales, cartoonist.

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