1979 in Film - Notable Films Released in 1979

Notable Films Released in 1979

U.S.A. unless stated


  • 10, directed by Blake Edwards, starring Dudley Moore, Julie Andrews, Bo Derek, Robert Webber, Brian Dennehy
  • 1941, directed by Steven Spielberg, starring Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Tim Matheson, Nancy Allen, Toshiro Mifune, Warren Oates, Robert Stack


  • The Actress, the Dollars and the Transylvanians (Artista, dolarii şi ardelenii) - (Romania)
  • L'adolescente (The Adolescent), directed by Jeanne Moreau, starring Simone Signoret - (France)
  • The Adventure of Sudsakorn, the first and only cel-animated feature film from Thailand
  • Agatha, directed by Michael Apted, starring Vanessa Redgrave and Dustin Hoffman - (U.K.)
  • Ah! Nomugi Toge (Nomugi Pass) - (Japan)
  • Air Crew (Ekipazh) - (U.S.S.R.)
  • Alien, directed by Ridley Scott, starring Tom Skerritt, Sigourney Weaver, Veronica Cartwright, John Hurt, Ian Holm, Harry Dean Stanton, Yaphet Kotto - (U.S.A./U.K.)
  • All Quiet on the Western Front, a TV film directed by Delbert Mann, starring Richard Thomas and Ernest Borgnine
  • All That Jazz, directed by Bob Fosse, starring Roy Scheider, Ann Reinking, Ben Vereen, John Lithgow, Jessica Lange
  • An Almost Perfect Affair, starring Keith Carradine and Monica Vitti
  • Americathon, starring John Ritter and Harvey Korman
  • The Amityville Horror, directed by Stuart Rosenberg, starring James Brolin, Margot Kidder, Rod Steiger
  • …And Justice for All, directed by Norman Jewison, starring Al Pacino, John Forsythe, Jack Warden, Christine Lahti
  • Anti-Clock, directed by Jane Arden - (U.K.)
  • Apocalypse Now, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, starring Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall, Martin Sheen, Dennis Hopper, Laurence Fishburne, Frederic Forrest
  • The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again, starring Don Knotts and Tim Conway
  • Arabian Adventure. starring Christopher Lee and Emma Samms - (U.K.)
  • Ashanti, directed by Richard Fleischer, starring Michael Caine and Peter Ustinov
  • Autumn Marathon (Osenniy marafon) - (U.S.S.R.)


  • Baby Snakes, directed by Frank Zappa
  • Ball Lightning (Kulový blesk) - (Czechoslovakia)
  • Ballad of Tara (Tcherike-ye Tara) - (Iran)
  • Bear Island, starring Donald Sutherland, Vanessa Redgrave, Richard Widmark, Barbara Parkins
  • Being There, directed by Hal Ashby, starring Peter Sellers, Shirley MacLaine, Melvyn Douglas, Jack Warden
  • The Bell Jar, starring Marilyn Hassett, Julie Harris, Anne Jackson
  • Best Boy, award-winning documentary
  • Beyond the Poseidon Adventure, directed by Irwin Allen, starring Michael Caine, Telly Savalas, Sally Field, Telly Savalas, Karl Malden, Shirley Jones
  • Birth of The Beatles, directed by Richard Marquand
  • The Bitch, starring Joan Collins - (U.K.)
  • The Black Hole, directed by Gary Nelson, starring Maximilian Schell, Anthony Perkins, Ernest Borgnine, Yvette Mimieux
  • The Black Stallion, directed by Carroll Ballard, starring Mickey Rooney, Hoyt Axton, Teri Garr, Kelly Reno
  • Bloodline, directed by Terence Young, starring Audrey Hepburn, Ben Gazzara, James Mason, Gert Frobe, Beatrice Straight
  • Bloody Kids, directed by Stephen Frears - (U.K.)
  • Boardwalk, starring Ruth Gordon, Lee Strasberg, Janet Leigh, Ruth Gordon
  • Breaking Away, directed by Peter Yates, starring Dennis Christopher, Dennis Quaid, Daniel Stern, Jackie Earle Haley, Paul Dooley
  • Breakthrough, starring Richard Burton, Robert Mitchum, Rod Steiger, Curd Jurgens
  • Les Bronzés font du ski (a.k.a. French Fried Vacation 2), directed by Patrice Leconte - (France)
  • The Brood, directed by David Cronenberg, starring Oliver Reed and Samantha Eggar - (Canada)
  • Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, starring Gil Gerard and Erin Gray
  • Buffet froid, directed by Bertrand Blier, starring Gérard Depardieu, Bernard Blier, Jean Carmet - (France)
  • The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie
  • Butch and Sundance: The Early Days, starring Tom Berenger and William Katt
  • The Butterfly Murders (Die bian), directed by Tsui Hark - (Hong Kong)
  • Bye Bye Brazil - (Brazil/France/Argentina)


  • C.H.O.M.P.S., directed by Don Chaffey, starring Wesley Eure, Valerie Bertinelli, Conrad Bain, Red Buttons
  • California Dreaming, starring Glynnis O'Connor, Dennis Christopher, Tanya Roberts
  • Caligula, directed by Tinto Brass, written by Gore Vidal, starring Malcolm McDowell, Teresa Ann Savoy, Helen Mirren, Peter O'Toole - (Italy/U.S.A.)
  • The Castle of Cagliostro (Rupan sansei: Kariosutoro no shiro), an anime film by Hayao Miyazaki - (Japan)
  • The Cat and the Canary, starring Honor Blackman, Carol Lynley, Olivia Hussey - (U.K.)
  • The Champ, directed by Franco Zeffirelli, starring Jon Voight, Faye Dunaway, Ricky Schroder, Jack Warden, Arthur Hill
  • Chapter Two, starring James Caan, Marsha Mason, Joseph Bologna, Valerie Harper
  • The China Syndrome, directed by James Bridges, starring Jack Lemmon, Jane Fonda, Michael Douglas
  • Christ Stopped at Eboli (Cristo si è fermato a Eboli), directed by Francesco Rosi, starring Gian Maria Volonté - (Italy/France)
  • The Concorde ... Airport '79, starring Alain Delon, Susan Blakely, Robert Wagner, George Kennedy
  • Cuba, directed by Richard Lester, starring Sean Connery, Brooke Adams, Chris Sarandon


  • David - (West Germany) - Golden Bear winner
  • Derek and Clive Get the Horn, starring Peter Cook and Dudley Moore - (U.K.)
  • Dirty Ho (Lan tou He), starring Gordon Liu - (Hong Kong)
  • Don Giovanni, directed by Joseph Losey, starring Ruggero Raimondi, John Macurdy, Kiri Te Kanawa - (Italy/France/U.K./West Germany)
  • Dracula, directed by John Badham, starring Frank Langella, Laurence Olivier, Trevor Eve - (U.S.A./U.K.)
  • Dreamer, starring Tim Matheson


  • Eagle's Wing, starring Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston - (U.K.)
  • The Electric Horseman, directed by Sydney Pollack, starring Robert Redford, Jane Fonda, Valerie Perrine, John Saxon, Willie Nelson
  • Escape from Alcatraz, directed by Don Siegel, starring Clint Eastwood, Patrick McGoohan, Fred Ward
  • Escape to Athena, starring Roger Moore, David Niven, Elliott Gould, Stefanie Powers, Claudia Cardinale, Telly Savalas - (U.K.)
  • The Europeans, directed by James Ivory, starring Lee Remick, Lisa Eichhorn, Kristin Griffith - (U.K.)


  • Fast Break, starring Gabe Kaplan and Bernard King
  • Felicity, starring Glory Annen - (Australia)
  • ffolkes, aka North Sea Hijack, starring Roger Moore, James Mason, Anthony Perkins, Michael Parks - (U.K.)
  • The Fifth Musketeer, starring Sylvia Kristel, Ursula Andress, Beau Bridges, Ian McShane, Rex Harrison - (Austria/West Germany)
  • Firepower, starring Sophia Loren, James Coburn, O.J. Simpson - (U.K.)
  • First Case, Second Case (Qazieh, Shekl-e Avval, Shekl-e Dovom), directed by Abbas Kiarostami - (Iran)
  • The First Great Train Robbery, starring Sean Connery, Lesley-Anne Down, Donald Sutherland - (U.K.)
  • A Force of One, starring Chuck Norris and Jennifer O'Neill
  • French Postcards, starring Miles Chapin, David Marshall Grant, Debra Winger


  • Gal Young 'Un, directed by Victor Nuñez
  • The Genealogy (Jokbo) - (South Korea)
  • Going in Style, directed by Martin Brest, starring George Burns, Art Carney, Lee Strasberg
  • Gol Maal (Confusion) - (India)
  • Goldengirl, starring Susan Anton, James Coburn, Leslie Caron
  • Grass Labyrinth (Kusa Meikyū) - (Japan)
  • The Great Santini, starring Robert Duvall, Michael O'Keefe, Blythe Danner, Lisa Jane Persky, Stan Shaw
  • The Great Riviera Bank Robbery, starring Ian McShane - (U.K.)


  • Hair, directed by Milos Forman, starring John Savage, Treat Williams, Beverly D'Angelo
  • Hanover Street, directed by Peter Hyams, starring Harrison Ford, Lesley-Anne Down, Christopher Plummer - (U.S.A./U.K.)
  • Hardcore, directed by Paul Schrader, starring George C. Scott and Peter Boyle
  • Heart of the Forest (El corazón del bosque) - (Spain)
  • Heartland, directed by Richard Pearce, starring Rip Torn and Conchata Ferrell - Golden Bear winner, Sundance Grand Jury Prize
  • Hot Stuff, directed by and starring Dom DeLuise, with Suzanne Pleshette, Ossie Davis, Jerry Reed
  • The Human Factor, starring Richard Attenborough, John Gielgud, Derek Jacobi - (U.K.)
  • Hurricane, starring Mia Farrow, Jason Robards, Max von Sydow, Trevor Howard
  • The Hussy (La drôlesse) - (France)
  • The Hypothesis of the Stolen Painting (L'Hypothèse du tableau volé), directed by Raúl Ruiz - (France)


  • I as in Icarus (I... comme Icare), starring Yves Montand - (France)
  • The In-Laws, directed by Arthur Hiller, starring Alan Arkin and Peter Falk


  • Jack Frost, directed by Rankin/Bass, starring Robert Morse
  • Jaguar - (Philippines)
  • The Jerk, directed by Carl Reiner, starring Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters
  • Jesus, directed by Peter Sykes and John Krisch, starring Brian Deacon - (Australia/U.S.A./U.K.)
  • Just You and Me, Kid, starring George Burns and Brooke Shields


  • Kaala Patthar (Black Stone), starring Shashi Kapoor - (India)
  • Kassbach – Ein Porträt (Kassbach - A Portrait) - (Austria)
  • The Kids Are Alright, a rockumentary featuring The Who - (U.K.)
  • Knockabout, directed by and starring Sammo Hung - (Hong Kong)
  • Kramer vs. Kramer, directed by Robert Benton, starring Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep (both won Oscars), Justin Henry, JoBeth Williams, Jane Alexander


  • Lady Oscar, starring Catriona MacColl and Patsy Kensit - (France/Japan)
  • The Lady Vanishes, starring Elliott Gould, Cybill Shepherd, Angela Lansbury
  • Last Embrace, directed by Jonathan Demme, starring Roy Scheider and Janet Margolin
  • The Last of the Knucklemen - (Australia)
  • A Little Romance, directed by George Roy Hill, starring Laurence Olivier, Diane Lane, Sally Kellerman - (France/U.S.A.)
  • Little Tragedies (Malenkie tragedii) - (U.S.S.R.)
  • Love and Bullets, directed by Stuart Rosenberg, starring Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, Rod Steiger
  • Love at First Bite, starring George Hamilton and Susan Saint James
  • Love on the Run (L'amour en fuite), directed by François Truffaut - (France)
  • Lovers and Liars (Viaggio con Anita), starring Goldie Hawn and Giancarlo Giannini - (Italy/France)
  • La Luna, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, starring Jill Clayburgh - (Italy)


  • Mad Max, directed by George Miller, starring Mel Gibson - (Australia)
  • The Magician of Lublin, starring Alan Arkin, Louise Fletcher, Valerie Perrine
  • Magnificent Butcher (Lin shi rong), starring Sammo Hung - (Hong Kong)
  • The Main Event, starring Barbra Streisand and Ryan O'Neal
  • Mamá cumple cien años (Mama Turns 100), directed by Carlos Saura, starring Geraldine Chaplin - (Spain)
  • Manhattan, directed by and starring Woody Allen, with Diane Keaton, Michael Murphy, Mariel Hemingway
  • A Man, a Woman, and a Bank, starring Donald Sutherland and Brooke Adams
  • The Marriage of Maria Braun, directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, starring Hanna Schygulla - (West Germany)
  • Mattie the Goose-boy (Lúdas Matyi) - (Hungary)
  • Maula Jatt - (Pakistan)
  • Meatballs, directed by Ivan Reitman, starring Bill Murray - (Canada)
  • The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed (Mesto vstrechi izmenit nelzya) - (U.S.S.R.)
  • Meetings with Remarkable Men, Gurdjieff biography directed by Peter Brook - (U.K.)
  • Meteor, directed by Ronald Neame, starring Sean Connery, Natalie Wood, Karl Malden, Henry Fonda, Martin Landau, Trevor Howard
  • Monty Python's Life of Brian, directed by Terry Jones, starring Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin - (U.K.)
  • Moonraker, directed by Lewis Gilbert, starring Roger Moore (as James Bond), with Lois Chiles, Michael Lonsdale, Richard Kiel - (U.K.)
  • More American Graffiti, starring Candy Clark, Ron Howard, Paul LeMat, Charles Martin Smith, Cindy Williams
  • Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears - (U.S.S.R.) - Academy Award for Best Foreign-Language Film
  • Mr. Mike's Mondo Video, starring Michael O'Donoghue, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray
  • The Muppet Movie, made by Jim Henson, with Charles Durning and Dom DeLuise
  • Murder by Decree, starring Christopher Plummer (as Sherlock Holmes) and James Mason - (U.K./Canada)
  • My Brilliant Career, directed by Gillian Armstrong, starring Judy Davis and Sam Neill - (Australia)


  • Nightwing, directed by Arthur Hiller, starring Nick Mancuso and Kathryn Harrold
  • Noorie, directed by Manmohan Krishna - (India)
  • Norma Rae, directed by Martin Ritt, starring Sally Field, Ron Leibman, Beau Bridges
  • The North Avenue Irregulars, starring Karen Valentine, Barbara Harris, Susan Clark
  • North Dallas Forty, starring Nick Nolte, Mac Davis, G. D. Spradlin, Dayle Haddon, Bo Svenson, John Matuszak
  • Nosferatu (Nosferatu: Phantom der Nach), directed by Werner Herzog, starring Klaus Kinski, Isabelle Adjani, Bruno Ganz - (West Germany)


  • The Odd Angry Shot, starring Bryan Brown - (Australia)
  • The Odd Couple (Bo ming chan dao duo ming qiang), starring Sammo Hung - (Hong Kong)
  • The Onion Field, directed by Harold Becker, starring James Woods, John Savage, Franklyn Seales, Ted Danson
  • Operación Ogro, directed by Gillo Pontecorvo, starring Gian Maria Volonté - (Spain/Italy)
  • Over the Edge, directed by Jonathan Kaplan, starring Matt Dillon


  • The Passage, starring Anthony Quinn, James Mason, Malcolm McDowell, Patricia Neal, Kay Lenz
  • A Perfect Couple, directed by Robert Altman, starring Paul Dooley and Marta Heflin
  • Peruvazhiyambalam, directed by Padmarajan - (India)
  • Les petites fugues (The Little Fugitives) - (Switzerland)
  • Phantasm, directed by Don Coscarelli
  • The Plank, directed by and starring Eric Sykes, with Arthur Lowe - (U.K.)
  • Prince Nezha's Triumph Against Dragon King (Nezha nao hai), an animated film - (China)
  • The Prisoner of Zenda, starring Peter Sellers, Lynne Frederick and Lionel Jeffries
  • The Prize Fighter, starring Don Knotts and Tim Conway
  • Prophecy, directed by John Frankenheimer, starring Talia Shire, Robert Foxworth, Richard Dysart, Armand Assante


  • Quadrophenia, directed by Franc Roddam, starring Phil Daniels, Leslie Ash, Ray Winstone, with music by The Who - (U.K.)


  • Real Life, directed by and starring Albert Brooks, with Charles Grodin
  • Richard Pryor: Live in Concert
  • Rich Kids, starring Trini Alvarado and John Lithgow
  • Rock 'n' Roll High School, produced by Roger Corman, featuring The Ramones
  • Rocky II, directed by and starring Sylvester Stallone, with Carl Weathers, Talia Shire, Burgess Meredith, Burt Young
  • The Rose, directed by Mark Rydell, starring Bette Midler, Alan Bates, Frederic Forrest
  • Running, starring Michael Douglas


  • Saint Jack, directed by Peter Bogdanovich, starring Ben Gazzara
  • Scavenger Hunt, starring Cloris Leachman, Cleavon Little, Vincent Price, Tony Randall
  • Scum, starring Ray Winstone - (U.K.)
  • A Scream from Silence (Mourir à tue-tête) - (Canada)
  • The Seduction of Joe Tynan, starring Alan Alda, Meryl Streep, Melvyn Douglas, Barbara Harris, Rip Torn
  • A Sense of Freedom, directed by John Mackenzie - (U.K.)
  • Série noire (Black Series), directed by Alain Corneau - (France)
  • Siberiade, directed by Andrei Konchalovsky - (U.S.S.R.)
  • Sisters, or the Balance of Happiness (Schwestern oder Die Balance des Glücks), directed by Margarethe von Trotta - (West Germany)
  • Skatetown, U.S.A., starring Scott Baio, Flip Wilson, Maureen McCormick, Patrick Swayze
  • Something Out of Nothing, directed by Nikola Rudarov, starring Asen Kisimov, Stefan Danailov, Aneta Sotirova - (Bulgaria)
  • Stalker, directed by Andrei Tarkovsky - (U.S.S.R.)
  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture, directed by Robert Wise, starring William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Persis Khambatta, Stephen Collins
  • Starting Over, directed by Alan J. Pakula, starring Burt Reynolds, Jill Clayburgh, Candice Bergen, Charles Durning
  • Suhaag (a.k.a. Sign of Marriage), starring Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi Kapoor, Rekha - (India)
  • The Survivors (Los sobrevivientes) - (Cuba)


  • Take Down, starring Lorenzo Lamas and Maureen McCormick
  • Tale of Tales (Skazka skazok), an animated film - (U.S.S.R.)
  • Tarka the Otter, narrated by Peter Ustinov - (U.K.)
  • The Tempest, directed by Derek Jarman, starring Toyah Wilcox - (U.K.)
  • Tess, directed by Roman Polanski, starring Nastassja Kinski - (France/U.K.)
  • That Summer, starring Ray Winstone - (U.K.)
  • The Third Generation (Die Dritte Generation), directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, starring Hanna Schygulla - (West Germany)
  • Those Wonderful Movie Cranks (Báječní muži s klikou), directed by Jiří Menzel - (Czechoslovakia)
  • La Tía Alejandra (Aunt Alejandra) - (Mexico)
  • Tim, starring Mel Gibson and Piper Laurie - (Australia)
  • Time After Time, directed by Nicholas Meyer, starring Malcolm McDowell, David Warner, Mary Steenburgen
  • The Tin Drum (Die Blechtrommel), directed by Volker Schlöndorff, starring David Bennent - (West Germany) - Palme d'Or winner
  • To Forget Venice (Dimenticare Venezia), starring Mariangela Melato and Erland Josephson - (Italy)
  • Tourist Trap, starring Chuck Connors and Tanya Roberts


  • Ultraman - (Japan)
  • Ultraman: Great Monster Decisive Battle - (Japan)
  • Uncle Marin, the Billionaire (Nea Mărin miliardar) - (Romania)


  • Vengeance Is Mine (fukushū suru wa ware ni ari), directed by Shōhei Imamura, starring Ken Ogata - (Japan)
  • The Villain, directed by Hal Needham, starring Kirk Douglas, Ann-Margret, Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • The Visitor, starring John Huston, Glenn Ford, Shelley Winters


  • Wanda Nevada, directed by and starring Peter Fonda, with Brooke Shields
  • The Wanderers, starring Ken Wahl and Karen Allen
  • The Warriors, directed by Walter Hill, starring Michael Beck, James Remar, David Patrick Kelly, Deborah Van Valkenburgh
  • When a Stranger Calls, starring Charles Durning and Carol Kane
  • Winter Kills, starring Jeff Bridges, John Huston, Anthony Perkins
  • Wise Blood, directed by and starring John Huston, with Brad Dourif - (U.S.A./West Germany)
  • Woman Between Wolf and Dog (Femme entre chien et loup) - (Belgium/France)
  • Woyzeck, directed by Werner Herzog, starring Klaus Kinski and Eva Mattes - (West Germany)


  • Yanks, directed by John Schlesinger, starring Richard Gere, Lisa Eichhorn, Vanessa Redgrave - (U.S.A./U.K.)
  • Zulu Dawn, starring Peter O'Toole, Burt Lancaster, Simon Ward - (U.S.A./South Africa/Netherlands)

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