1965 in Literature - Deaths


  • January 4 – T. S. Eliot, American/British poet and dramatist, 76
  • January 12 – Lorraine Hansberry, journalist and dramatist, 34 (cancer)
  • March 13 – Fan S. Noli, Albanian bishop and poet, 83
  • May 3 – Howard Spring, novelist, 76
  • June 5 – Thornton Burgess, children's author, 91
  • June 13 - Martin Buber, Austrian-born Jewish philosopher, 87
  • July 9 – Jacques Audiberti, French Absurdist dramatist, poet and novelist, 66
  • July 28 – Rampo Edogawa, Japanese author and critic, 70
  • July 30 – Jun'ichirō Tanizaki, Japanese novelist, 79
  • July 31 – John Metcalfe, novelist and short story writer, 73
  • August 17 – Jack Spicer, poet, 40 (alcohol-related)
  • October 8 – Thomas B. Costain, popular historian, 80
  • October 15 – Randall Jarrell, poet, 54 (road accident)
  • October 30 – Arthur Schlesinger, Sr., American historian, 77
  • November 8 – Dorothy Kilgallen, journalist, 52 (alcohol/drug overdose)
  • November 20 – Katharine Anthony, biographer, 87
  • December 16 – W. Somerset Maugham, dramatist, novelist and short story writer, 91

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