1961 in Literature - Deaths


  • January 10 - Dashiell Hammett, crime writer and screenwriter, 66 (lung cancer)
  • January 21 - Blaise Cendrars, Swiss novelist and poet, 73
  • January 30 - Dorothy Thompson, influential journalist, 67
  • May 26 - William Troy, writer and teacher, 57 (cancer)
  • June 2 - George S. Kaufman, dramatist and critic, 71
  • July 2 - Ernest Hemingway, novelist, 61 (suicide)
  • July 12 - Mazo de la Roche, novelist, 82
  • July 17 - Olga Forsh, Russian dramatist, novelist and memoirist, 88
  • September 27 - H.D., poet, novelist and memoirist, 75
  • October 19 - Mihail Sadoveanu, Romanian novelist, 80
  • November 2 - James Thurber, humorist, 66
  • December 7 - Roussan Camille, Haitian poet and journalist, 49

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