16th Century in Literature - New Drama

New Drama


    • The World and the Child, also known as Mundas et Infans (probable date of composition)


    • Accademia degli Intronati - Gl' Ingannati


    • Hans Ackermann - Der Verlorene Sohn


    • Giovanni Battista Giraldi - Orbecche


    • Marin Držić - Dundo Maroje


    • (about 1553) – Gammer Gurton's Needle and Ralph Roister Doister, the first comedies written in the English language
    • António Ferreira - Bristo


    • Thomas Norton and Thomas Sackville - Gorboduc
    • Jack Juggler - anonymous, sometimes attributed to Nicholas Udall


    • George Gascoigne - Supposes


    • John Pickering - Horestes


    • Ulpian Fulwell - Like Will to Like


    • Torquato Tasso - Aminta


    • Giovanni Battista Guarini - Il pastor fido



    • George Peele - The Battle of Alcazar (performed)


    • The Rare Triumphs of Love and Fortune - anonymous (published)


    • Christopher Marlowe - Tamburlaine (both parts published)
    • George Peele - Famous Chronicle of King Edward the First
    • Robert Wilson - The Three Lords and Three Ladies of London (published)


    • John Lyly - Endymion (published)
    • The Troublesome Reign of King John - Anonymous (published)


    • Thomas Kyd - The Spanish Tragedy (published)
    • William Shakespeare - Henry VI, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
    • Arden of Faversham - anonymous (previously attributed to Shakespeare)


    • Samuel Daniel - Cleopatra
    • Robert Greene
      • Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay (published)
      • Orlando Furioso (published)
    • Thomas Lodge & Robert Greene - A Looking Glass for London (published)
    • Lope de Vega - El maestro de danzar - (The Dancing Master)
    • George Peele - The Battle of Alcazar (published)
    • William Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet
    • Robert Wilson - The Cobbler's Prophecy (published)


    • Locrine - Anonymous (published)


    • The Isle of Dogs - Thomas Nashe & Ben Jonson
    • Richard II - William Shakespeare (published)


    • Robert Greene - The Scottish Historie of James the Fourth (published)
    • Ben Jonson - Every Man in His Humour


    • Thomas Dekker - The Shoemaker's Holiday
    • Thomas Dekker, Henry Chettle, and William Haughton - Patient Grissel
    • Ben Jonson - Every Man Out of His Humour
    • William Shakespeare - Henry V

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