Thomas Carey

Thomas Carey or Tom Carey may refer to:

  • Thomas Carey (Australian politician), Australian politician and surveyor
  • Thomas Carey (baritone) (1931–2002), American opera singer
  • Thomas Carey (cricketer)
  • Thomas Carey (English politician), second son of the 1st Earl of Monmouth, English Member of Parliament
  • Tom Carey (actor)
  • Tom Carey (shortstop) (1846–1906), 19th century baseball player
  • Tom Carey (second baseman) (1906–1970), MLB infielder
  • Tom Carey (NASCAR), NASCAR driver

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Famous quotes containing the words thomas and/or carey:

    It hurts the spirit, somehow, to read the word environments, when the plural means that there are so many alternatives there to be sorted through, as in a market, and voted on.
    —Lewis Thomas (b. 1913)

    All ye poets of the age,
    All ye witlings of the stage,
    Learn your jingles to reform,
    Crop your numbers to conform.
    Let your little verses flow
    Gently, sweetly, row by row;
    Let the verse the subject fit,
    Little subject, little wit.
    Namby-Pamby is your guide,
    Albion’s joy, Hibernia’s pride.
    —Henry Carey (1693?–1743)