PIF or P.I.F. may refer to:

in business

  • Paid In Full (disambiguation)
  • Personnel Information File
  • Policies-In-Force (insurance)
  • Pooled Income Fund
  • Private Interest Foundation (legal entity)
  • Production Integration Facility
  • Productivity Improvement Factor
  • Productivity Improvement Fund
  • Productivity Investment Fund
  • Professional Investor Fund
  • Property Investment Fund

in government and politics

  • Pacific Islands Forum
  • Public information film
  • Punjab Irregular Force
  • Liberation Front of the Slovene Nation, also known as Anti-Imperialist Front (acronym PIF)

in geography

  • Pingtung Airport (IATA code)

in popular culture

  • Pay it Forward
  • P.I.F. Bulgarian rock band
  • Pif le chien, a French comic strip character
    • Pif gadget, a French monthly comics magazine formed around the above character
  • Pif Magazine
  • Punch in face

in science, engineering and technology

  • Partners in Flight
  • Phytochrome Interacting Factor
  • Picture Interchange Format
  • Pilot Information File
  • PoznaƄ International Fair
  • Pressure-injected footing
  • Prolactin inhibiting factor
  • Program Information File, used for running DOS programs under TopView, DESQview, or Windows, seen as the file extension .PIF. The concept is also used under Concurrent DOS, Multiuser DOS, System Manager, or REAL/32.
  • Project Information File (design document)