Phil Parsons Racing

Phil Parsons Racing, formerly named MSRP Motorsports, Prism Motorsports, and later HP Racing, is a NASCAR team competing in the Sprint Cup Series. It is owned by former NASCAR driver Phil Parsons, and was formerly owned by Phil's wife Marcia as well as Randy and Stacey Humphrey (hence the original name MSRP: Marcia, Stacey, Randy, Phil). For its first few years of its Nationwide Series operation, the team was infamous for being a start and park organization, meaning that the team qualifies a car for races, but it eventually parks the car after just a few laps to avoid the costs of running a full race, even though the car is perfectly able to continue on. The bad publicity generated by the practice led Phil Parsons to refuse to answer questions about MSRP in 2008, but subsequently Parsons justified the practice by saying that "we furnished a living for some families, so there was some good that came out of it." In 2009, MSRP continued with two Nationwide Series teams and finally finished a race, while it also added a Sprint Cup team under the Prism name that qualified for 30 races but only finished two. After the season, the entire team became known as Prism.

In 2010, the team had two Sprint Cup teams, No. 55 and No. 66, led by drivers Michael McDowell and Dave Blaney, which drive Toyota Camrys provided under a technical alliance with MWR. Three drivers are currently circulating among the two Nationwide Series cars (90 & 91) in 2010: Danny O'Quinn Jr., David Gilliland, and Chase Miller.

Car No. 55 crew chief Zach McGowan tweeted on November 18 that the team would be shutting down after the 2010 season ending race at Homestead, but this was denied by team owner Randy Humphrey. No information is available regarding PRISM's Nationwide teams. The team returned in 2011 as HP Racing with McDowell behind the wheel of the No. 66 Toyota with Gene Nead as crew chief. Unlike 2009, the team intended to run a limited schedule, running only a few full races, but ended up running the full schedule. The team is under the sole ownership of Parsons for 2012, as the team switches to Ford and will field the number 98.

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