Music Video - Music Video Shows

Music Video Shows

  • ABC Rocks (ABC)
  • 106 & Park (BET)
  • CD:UK Hotshots (ITV1 1998–2007)
  • Top Of The Pops (BBC 1964–2006)
  • The Click List: Top 10 Videos (Logo)
  • Countdown (Australian ABC)
  • Friday Night Videos (NBC)
  • Good Rockin' Tonite (CBC Television)
  • Headbanger's Ball (MTV2)
  • Kidsongs
  • Loaded (Fuse)
  • Los 10+ Pedidos (MTV Latin America)
  • Night Tracks (TBS)
  • Pop 4 (TG4)
  • Rage (Australian ABC)
  • Schoolhouse Rock (ABC)
  • Sidewalks: Video Nite (syndication)
  • Soundwaves (Syndicated)
  • Video Hits Australia (Network Ten)
  • Video Hits Canada (CBC Television)
  • TRL (MTV)
  • Power Fuse (Fuse)
  • MuchOnDemand (MuchMusic)
  • MusiquePlus
  • Music Station (TV Asahi)
  • New York Hot Tracks (syndicated)
  • UVTV – Underground Video Television (UVTV – Underground Video Television)
  • Worlds Best Videos (IMF – International Music Feed)
  • VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown (VH1)

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