List of Foreign Serie A Players

List Of Foreign Serie A Players

This is a list of foreign players (i.e. non-Italian players) in Serie A. The following players:

  1. have played at least one Serie A game for the respective club.
  2. have not been capped for the Italian national team on any level, independently from the birthplace, except for players born in San Marino and active in the Italian national team before the first official match of the Sammarinese national team played on November 14, 1990 and players of Italian formation born abroad from Italian parents.
  3. have been born in Italy and were capped by a foreign national team. This includes players who have dual citizenship with Italy.

Players are sorted by the State:

  1. they played for in a national team on any level. For footballers that played for two or more national teams it prevails:
    1. the one he played for on A level.
    2. the national team of birth.
  2. If they never played for any national team on any level, it prevails the state of birth. For footballers born in dissolved states prevails the actual state of birth (e.g.: Yugoslavia -> Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, etc...).

Stateless people are marked with an asterisk.

These are all the teams that have had at least a foreign player while playing in a Serie A season and in bold are the ones currently playing for the 2011-12 season :

Alessandria, Ancona, Ascoli, Atalanta, Avellino, Bari, Bologna, Brescia, Cagliari, Catania, Catanzaro, Cesena, Chievo Verona, Como, Cremonese, Empoli, Fiorentina, Foggia, Genoa, Inter, Juventus, Lazio, Lecce, Lecco, Legnano, Livorno, Lucchese, Mantova, Messina, Milan, Modena, Napoli, Novara, Padova, Palermo, Parma, Perugia, Pescara, Piacenza, Pisa, Pistoiese, Pro Patria, Reggiana, Reggina, Roma, Salernitana, Sampdoria, Siena, Spal, Torino, Treviso, Triestina, Udinese, Varese, Venezia, Verona, Vicenza.

These are the only teams that have participated in Serie A but HAVEN'T had a foreign player : Casale, Pro Vercelli, Ternana

In bold: players that played at least one Serie A game in 2011-12 season, and the clubs they've played for.

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