List of American Print Journalists - 20th-century Print Journalists

20th-century Print Journalists

  • Paul Y. Anderson (1893–1938) - American investigative journalist. Winner of Pulitzer Prize 1929. Headliners Club Award 1937.
  • Hannah Arendt (1906–1975) - known especially for book on Eichmann trial
  • Edna Lee Booker, foreign correspondent in China during the 30's and 40's
  • Ben Bradlee (1921-present) - editor of the Washington Post at the time of the Watergate scandal
  • C.P. Connolly (1863–1935) radical American investigative journalist associated for many years with Collier's Weekly
  • Jack Fuller (1946-present) - editor and publisher of the Chicago Tribune
  • Martha Gellhorn (1908–1998) war correspondent
  • Emily Hahn (1905–1997) - wrote extensively on China
  • Pauline Kael (1919–2001) - Film critic for The New Yorker
  • Frances Lewine (1921–2008) Associated Press White House Correspondent and president of the Women's National Press Club
  • A.J. Liebling (1904–1963) American journalist closely associated with The New Yorker
  • Walter Lippmann (1889–1974)
  • George McElroy (1922-2006) - first black reporter for the Houston Post and first minority columnist of any newspaper in Houston
  • H.L. Mencken (1880–1956) - essayist, critic, and editor of The Baltimore Sun
  • Eldora Marie Bolyard Nuzum (1926–2004) - first female editor of a daily newspaper in WV, journalist, interviewer of U.S. Presidents
  • Robert Palmer (1945–1997) - first full-time, chief pop music critic for The New York Times, Rolling Stone contributing editor
  • James ("Scotty") Reston (1909–1995) - political commentator for the New York Times
  • Edward Said (1935–2003) - essayist, Palestinan-American activist
  • Harrison Salisbury (1908–1993) - first regular New York Times correspondent in Moscow after World War Two
  • E. W. Scripps (1854–1926) - famed founder of the Scripps-Howard newspaper chain
  • George Seldes (1890–1995) - American journalist, editor and publisher of In Fact
  • Randy Shilts (1951–1994) - reporter for The Advocate and San Francisco Chronicle
  • Agnes Smedley (1892–1950) journalist and writer known for her chronicling of the Chinese revolution
  • Edgar Snow (1905–1972) - journalist and writer, chronicled the Chinese revolution, especially in Red Star Over China
  • I.F. Stone (1907–1989), investigative journalist, publisher of I.F. Stone's Weekly
  • Anna Louise Strong (1885–1970) - pro-communist journalist and writer
  • Hunter S. Thompson (1937–2005), creator of Gonzo journalism
  • Theodore White (1915–1986), American reporter for Time (magazine) in China, 1939–1944; Making of the President
  • Walter Winchell (1897–1972), American political columnist, radio broadcasterseries, 1960-

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