Hayek - Notable People With This Name

Notable People With This Name

  • Antoine Hayek (1928–2010), Roman Catholic Archbishop of Baniyas of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church 1989–2006
  • August von Hayek (1871–1928), Austrian botanist, father of economist Friedrich Hayek
  • Dina Hayek (born Collet Bou Gergis, 1982), popular Lebanese singer
  • Frank Forest (born Frank Hayek, 1896–1976), American singer and actor
  • Friedrich Hayek (1899–1992), Austrian-British economist and political philosopher
  • Ignace Antoine II Hayek (Antun Hayek, 1910-2007), Patriarch of Antioch of the Syriac Catholic Church 1968–1998
  • Julie Hayek (born 1960), American beauty queen and actress
  • Nicolas Hayek (1928–2010), Swiss-Lebanese co-founder of the Swatch Group
    • Nick Hayek, Jr. (born 1954), his son and successor
  • Peter Hayek (born 1957), retired American ice hockey player
  • Renée Hayek, Lebanese writer and novelist
  • Rita Hayek (born 1987), Lebanese actress
  • Salma Hayek (born 1966), Mexican actress
  • Samuel Hayek (born 1953), Israeli real-estate businessman
  • Thaddaeus Hagecius ab Hayek (1525–1600), Czech physician and astronomer

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