Green Lantern: Circle of Fire

Green Lantern: Circle Of Fire

"Circle of Fire" is a story arc that ran through a two-issue, self titled comic book mini-series and five one shot comics starring Green Lantern Kyle Rayner that was published by DC Comics in October 2000.

It consists of two bookend issues, titled Green Lantern: Circle of Fire, and five issues in between in each of which a brand new Green Lantern Corps member pairs up with an established DC superhero. These other heroes include Power Girl, Adam Strange, Firestorm, the Atom, and Kyle Rayner. The bookend issues and two of the team-up issues were written by Brian K. Vaughan. Scott Beatty, Jay Faerber, and Judd Winick also contributed towards writing issues, while the team of artists included Keith Aiken, Steve Bird, Norm Breyfogle, Dan Davis, Wayne Faucher, Randy Greene, Ray Kryssing, Mark Lipka, John Lowe, Tyson McAdoo, Trevor McCarthy, Cary Nord, John Nyberg, Andrew Pepoy, Ron Randall, Claude St. Aubin, John Stanisci, Robert Teranishi, and Pete Woods.

Two issues of Impulse, #68-69, follows the aftermath of the story, written by Todd Dezago with art by Eric Battle.

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