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  • Pedro de Alvarado (Pedro de Alvarado y Contreras), Spanish conquistador
  • Carlos Contreras, Mexican NASCAR driver
  • Carlos Alberto Contreras, Colombian road cyclist
  • Eleazar López Contreras, Venezuelan politician and former president
  • Gloria Contreras, Mexican dancer and choreographer
  • Ivan Contreras, Mexican volleyball player
  • José Contreras, Cuban baseball pitcher
  • Joseph Contreras, Spanish famous maker of violins, known as 'Granadino'
    • Joseph Contreras, son of the above, also violin maker. Label 'Matriti per filium Granadensis'
    • Joseph Contreras, son of the above, specialised in repairs and double-bass making
  • María José Rienda (Contreras), Spanish alpine skiier
  • Manuel Contreras (Juan Manuel Guillermo Contreras Sepúlveda), Chilean head of intelligence during Pinochet's dictatorship.
  • Patricio Contreras, Chilean actor
  • Rey Paz Contreras, Filipino sculptor
  • Pedro Contreras, Spanish football goalkeeper
  • Paulo Garcés (Paulo Andrés Garcés Contreras), Chilean football goalkeeper
  • Pablo Contreras (Pablo Andrés Contreras Fica), Chilean football defender
  • Salustiano Contreras, Cuban baseball player

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