Awake (Godsmack Album) - Personnel


  • Sully Erna - vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Tony Rombola - lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Robbie Merrill - bass, backing vocals
  • Tommy Stewart - drums, backing vocals
Additional performances
  • Katrina Chester - vocals on "The Journey" and "Spiral"
  • Produced by Sully Erna and Murdock
  • Engineered by Mudrock, except "Vampires", recorded by Cameron Webb
  • Additional engineering by Nate Dube
  • Mixed by Mudrock, except "Mistakes" and "Goin' Down", mixed by Mudrock and Jay Baumgardner, and "Vampires" and "Bad Magick", mixed by Jay Baumgardner
  • Mastered by Ted Jensen
  • Photography by Clay Patrick McBride and Ian Barrett

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