Album of The Year (Faith No More Album)

Album Of The Year (Faith No More album)

Album of the Year is the sixth, and last to date, album by American rock band Faith No More. It was released on June 3, 1997, (June 9th, 1997 in the UK and Europe) and is the only album to feature the band's current guitarist Jon Hudson.

During touring in support of Album of the Year, Faith No More frequently wore suits during performances, a trend which carried over to their 2009 reunion tour.

The album sleeve did not feature printed lyrics; however, Mike Patton and Billy Gould did submit official lyrics to, which was a fan controlled site prior to the band reformation in 2009.

The first pressing of the Australian version included a bonus remix disc.

Album of the Year is the last album to be produced by the band before their break-up in April, 1998. Although critical reception was somewhat lukewarm upon release (the band members themselves were thought to have been unhappy with the end results, hence the ironic choice of title), fan reaction has grown more positive during the years after the break-up and some consider it to be one of the band's most 'underrated' releases.

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