Zita (Hittite Prince)

Zita was a Hittite prince and probably the brother of Suppiluliuma I, (Šuppiluliumaš of the letters), in the 382–letter correspondence called the Amarna letters. The letters were mostly sent to the pharaoh of Egypt from 1350-1335 BC, but other internal letters, vassal-state letters, and epics, also word texts, are part of the letter corpus.

Zita's letter to the Egyptian pharaoh is addressed to someone at the Egyptian court.

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Zita (Hittite Prince) - Zita's Letter To Egypt - EA 44, Title: "From A Hittite Prince"
... In the Amarna letters,Zita is only referenced in EA 44,his own letter,(EA is for el Amarna' ... The topic of Zitas letter is his desire for gold,and his sending of a greeting-gift"as his payment,for a return greeting-gift of gold ... Tablet-letter EA 44 Say to the lord,the king of Egypt-named Mizri) my father Thus Zia,the king'sson,your son ...