Yvor Winters - Bibliography


  • Diadems and Fagots (1921) poems
  • The Immobile Wind (1921) poems
  • The Magpie's Shadow (1922) poems
  • The Bare Hills (1927) poems
  • The Proof (1930) poems
  • The Journey and Other Poems (1931) poems
  • Before Disaster (1934) poems
  • Primitivism and Decadence: A Study of American Experimental Poetry (1937)
  • Maule's Curse: Seven Studies in the History of American Obscurantism (1938)
  • Poems (1940)
  • The Giant Weapon (1943) poems
  • The Anatomy of Nonsense (1943)
  • Edwin Arlington Robinson (1946)
  • In Defense of Reason (1947) collects Primitivism, Maule and Anatomy
  • To the Holy Spirit (1947) poems
  • Three Poems (1950)
  • Collected Poems (1952, revised 1960)
  • The Function of Criticism: Problems and Exercises (1957)
  • On Modern Poets: Stevens, Eliot, Ransom, Crane, Hopkins, Frost (1959)
  • The Early Poems of Yvor Winters, 1920-1928 (1966)
  • Forms of Discovery: Critical and Historical Essays on the Forms of the Short Poem in English (1967)
  • Uncollected Essays and Reviews (1976)
  • The Collected Poems of Yvor Winters; with an introduction by Donald Davie (1978)
  • Uncollected Poems 1919-1928 (1997)
  • Uncollected Poems 1929-1957 (1997)
  • Yvor Winters: Selected Poems (2003) edited by Thom Gunn

As editor

  • Twelve Poets of the Pacific (1937)
  • Selected Poems, by Elizabeth Daryush (1948); with a foreword by Winters
  • Poets of the Pacific, Second Series (1949)
  • Quest for Reality: An Anthology of Short Poems in English (1969); with, and with an introduction by, Kenneth Fields

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