Yuriy Tarnawsky - Selected Bibliography

Selected Bibliography

  • Life in the City (1956, poetry, Ukrainian)
  • Popoludni v Pokipsi (Afternoons in Poughkeepsie) (1960, poetry, Ukrainian, New York Group Publishing)
  • Shljaxy (Roads) (1961, novel, Ukrainian, Suchasnist Publishers)
  • Idealizovana biohrafija (An Idealized Biography) (1964, poetry, Ukrainian, Suchasnist Publishers, Munich)
  • Spomyny (Memories) (1964, poetry, Ukrainian, Suchasnist Publishers
  • Bez Espaniji (Without Spain) (1969, poetry, Ukrainian, Suchasnist Publishers)
  • Questionnaires (1970, poetry, Ukrainian)
  • Poeziji pro nishcho i inshi poeziji na cju samu temu (Poems About Nothing and Other Poems on the Same Subject) (1970, poetry, Ukrainian, New York Group Publishing)
  • This Is How I Get Well (Oto jak zdrowjeje) (1978, poetry, English and later Ukrainian, Suchasnist Publishers)
  • Meningitis (1978, novel, English, Fiction Collective)
  • Bez nichoho (Without Anything) (1991, poetry, Ukrainian, Dnipro Publishers)
  • U ra na (1992, book-length poem, Ukrainian, Berezil Publishers & M. P. Kots Publishers)
  • Three Blondes and Death (1993, novel, English, FC2)
  • 6x0 (1998, collected plays, Ukrainian, Rodovid)
  • An Ideal Woman (1999, poetry, Ukrainian)
  • The City of Sticks and Pits (1999, book-length poem, Ukrainian)
  • Jix nemaje (They Don't Exist) (1999, collected poetry 1970–1999, Ukrainian, Rodovid)
  • Ne znaju (I Don't Know) (2000, selected fiction, Ukrainian, Rodovid)
  • Like Blood in Water (2007, collection of mininovels, English, FC2)
  • Short Tails (2011, collection of interconnected short fictions, English, Journal of Experimental Fiction Books/Civil Coping Mechanisms)

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