Yield Point

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Cottrell Atmosphere
... is required to unpin the dislocation prior the yielding, producing an observed upper yield point in a stress-strain graph ... unpinning, dislocations are free to move in the crystal, which results in a subsequent lower yield point, and the material will deform in a more plastic manner ... to rediffuse back to dislocation cores, resulting in a return of the upper yield point ...
Babbitt (metal) - Babbitt Alloys
... Yield Point, psiD (MPa) 68°F(20°C) Yield Point, psiD (MPa) 212°F(100°C) Johnson's Apparent Elastic Limit psi (MPa)E 68°F(20°C) Johnson's Apparent Elastic Limit psi. 1350 (9.3) 464 (240) 640 (338) D The values of yield point were taken from stress-strain curves at deformation of 0.125% of gauge length E Johnson's ...
Cold Formed Steel - Typical Stress–strain Properties
... (hard rolling) during manufacturing process, therefore it does not exhibit a yield point with a yield plateau ... For this type of steel, the yield point is defined by the level at which the stress–strain curve becomes horizontal ... Cold forming has the effect of increasing the yield strength of steel, the increase being the consequence of cold working well into the strain-hardening range ...

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