Yankee White - Clearance Categories

Clearance Categories

There are three categories of Yankee White clearance.

  • Category one clearance is required for selected personnel serving in extremely sensitive positions in direct support of the President or Vice President. This includes:
  • Chief of Staff, White House Military Office (WHMO)
  • Assistant Chief of Staff, WHMO
  • Military Aides to the President and Vice President
  • Director, White House Medical Unit
  • Chief, US Army Transportation Agency, White House
  • Director, Special Programs Office, WHMO
  • Security Advisor, WHMO
  • Food Service Coordinator of the White House Staff Mess
  • Commander and Deputy Commander, White House Communications Agency
  • Presidential Pilot and Deputy Presidential Pilot, 89th Airlift Wing, Andrews AFB
  • Commanding Officer and Executive Officer, Marine Helicopter Squadron One (HMX-1)
  • Commanding Officer and Executive Officer, Naval Support Facility Thurmont, MD (Camp David)
  • Director, Presidential Contingency Programs Office, WHMO
  • Director, Airlift Operations Office, WHMO
  • Other personnel as determined by the Director, WHMO and the Deputy Assistant to the Vice President for National Security Affairs
  • Category two clearance is required for personnel assigned on a permanent or full-time basis to duties in direct support of the President or Vice President (including the office staff of the Director, WHMO, and all individuals under his or her control). This includes but is not limited to:
  • Presidential aircrew and associated maintenance and security personnel
  • White House Communications Agency personnel
  • White House Transportation Agency personnel
  • White House Staff Mess personnel
  • White House Medical Unit personnel
  • DoD personnel assigned to the Office of the Vice President
  • Personnel assigned to the Naval Support Facility Thurmont, MD, more commonly known as "Camp David".
  • Employees of contractor firms who provide recurring services or who require unescorted access to Presidential support areas, activities, or equipment—including the maintenance of the Presidential retreat or Vice President's residence, communications, aircraft, or facilities
  • Principals of those firms used for PSAs who have direct involvement in the contract
  • Category three clearance is required for personnel assigned to honor guard units, ceremonial units, and military bands who perform at Presidential or Vice Presidential functions and facilities.

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