Yamaha SY77

Yamaha SY77 is a 16 voice multitimbral music workstation first produced by Yamaha Corporation in 1989. The SY77 is a synthesizer capable of AFM (advanced frequency modulation) synthesis, AWM (advanced wave memory) ROM based sample synthesis, and Realtime Convolution and Modulation Synthesis (RC&M). The same technology was also packaged in a rack-mounted module released simultaneously, the TG77; the latter article contains information specific to the TG77 and also common to both.

The SY77 is equipped with a 61-key keyboard with velocity and aftertouch; has a pitch wheel and two modulation wheels (the latter being quite a rare feature among keyboards in general); and has a large backlit LCD display, expansion slots, floppy-drive, on-board effects, and a 16,000 note sequencer. Programming is performed through a keypad on the front panel.

When the SY77 was released in late 1989, its initial prices were close to $3000-$4000 USD. In 1991, it was followed by the SY99, which expanded its capabilities with a 76-key keyboard, the ability to load user-specified samples for AWM, and a more advanced effects unit.

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