xplorer² (formerly 2xExplorer) is a dual-pane file manager for Microsoft Windows operating systems, developed by Nikos Bozinis (Nikolaos Achilleos Bozinis). It offers the functionality of orthodox file managers through an interface similar to the familiar Windows Explorer. Some of its features are tabbed file management within each pane, viewing and editing text files, searching for files using arbitrary criteria, the ability to compare and synchronize folders and the ability to perform queued or concurrent copy and move operations with error handling (robust file transfer). The file finder module is claimed to be “outclass” from other search tools.

Apart from the commercial version of the program, there is also a version which is free for personal and academic use. Three features of the Professional version not present in the Lite version are advanced search (Omni-Finder), full Unicode support and robust transfer.

As of July 2007, an official portable version of the xplorer² pro is available for use from an external storage device only. There already existed an unofficial one of xplorer² lite, repackaged with permission of the author.