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Historical Figure - Significance - Hegel's World-historical Figure
... German philosopher Hegel defined the concept of the world-historical figure, who embodied the ruthless advance of Immanuel Kant's World Spirit, often overthrowing outdated structures and ideas ... To him, Napoleon was such a figure ... Hegel proposed that a world-historical figure essentially posed a challenge, or thesis, and this would generate an antithesis, or opposing force ...

Famous quotes containing the words figure, world and/or historical:

    But, alas, to make me
    A fixèd figure for the time of scorn
    To point his slow unmoving finger at!
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    What the Puritans gave the world was not thought, but action.
    Wendell Phillips (1811–1884)

    By contrast with history, evolution is an unconscious process. Another, and perhaps a better way of putting it would be to say that evolution is a natural process, history a human one.... Insofar as we treat man as a part of nature—for instance in a biological survey of evolution—we are precisely not treating him as a historical being. As a historically developing being, he is set over against nature, both as a knower and as a doer.
    Owen Barfield (b. 1898)