World Chess Championship 1978 - 1977 Candidates Tournament

1977 Candidates Tournament

As loser of the last championship (by forfeiture) and runner-up of the previous Candidates tournament, respectively, Korchnoi and Bobby Fischer were seeded directly into the tournament. When Fischer declined, Spassky, as semifinalist, of the previous tournament, was offered the spot. The two seeded players were joined by the top three from each of the two interzonals.

1st Round
Viktor Korchnoi (stateless)
Tigran Petrosian
Viktor Korchnoi
Lev Polugaevsky
Lev Polugaevsky
Henrique Mecking
Viktor Korchnoi 10½
Boris Spassky
Boris Spassky
Vlastimil Hort
Boris Spassky
Lajos Portisch
Bent Larsen
Lajos Portisch

Korchnoi narrowly defeated Petrosian again in the Candidates quarter finals, then comfortably won his matches against Polugaevsky and Spassky to emerge as the official challenger to Karpov.

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