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WorkChoices - Legacy
... on 4 December 2006, and in the process reaffirming his opposition to Work Choices ... rules in to workplaces for unions introduced under Work Choices will remain and secret ballots (rather than open ballots) to decide on carrying out strikes will continue, which would become banned ... created by the government would also occur, and in their place a service known as "Fair Work Australia" would be created ...
WorkChoices - Significant Changes - Changing Dismissal Protection Laws For Most Employees
... Work Choices contains provisions relating to both unfair dismissal and unlawful termination, which are separate matters ... Prior to Work Choices, unfair dismissal protections existed in Awards or through state industrial relation commissions ... The changes to dismissal laws as part of Work Choices reduced the protections of previous unfair dismissal laws, which were introduced at a Federal level by the Labour Government of Paul ...
WorkChoices - High Court Challenge
... At the commencement of the Work Choices reforms every state and territory of Australia had a Labor government ... The States lodged a challenge to the Constitutional validity of Work Choices in the High Court of Australia ... power as a constitutionally valid basis for the Work Choices reforms ...
... Relations Act 1996, as amended by the Workplace Relations Amendment Act 2005, popularly known as Work Choices, was a Legislative Act of the Australian Parliament that came into effect in March ... Work Choices was passed by the Howard Government in 2005 and was designed to improve employment levels and national economic performance by dispensing with unfair ... trade union activity and recruitment on the work site ...

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