Wood Pulp

  • (noun): Wood that has been ground to a pulp; used in making cellulose products (as rayon or paper).

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Woodchipping - Applications - Wood Pulp
... and sapwood are useful for making pulp ... used as fuel to provide steam for use in the pulp mill ... Most pulping processes require that the wood be chipped and screened to provide uniform sized chips ...
Sanitary Napkin - History
... Disposable pads had their start with nurses using their wood pulp bandages to catch their menstrual flow, creating a pad that was made from easily obtainable materials and inexpensive enough to throw away after use ... Kotex's first advertisement for products made with this wood pulp (Cellucotton) appeared in 1921 ... The absorbent core, made from chlorine bleached wood pulp, could be reduced to make slimmer products with the addition of polyacrylate gels which sucks up the liquid quickly and holds it in a suspension ...
Preservation (library And Archival Science) - History - Significant Events
... deterioration was not the direct result of using wood-pulp fibers, since rag papers of this period were also aging rapidly, but rather due to the residual ... Barrow's 1933 article on the fragile state of wood pulp paper predicted the life expectancy, or "LE," of this paper was approximately 40–50 years ...
Bleaching Of Wood Pulp
... Bleaching of wood pulp is the chemical processing carried out on various types of wood pulp to decrease the color of the pulp, so that it becomes whiter ... The main use of wood pulp is to make paper where whiteness (similar to but not exactly the same as "brightness") is an important characteristic ... article are also applicable to the bleaching of non-wood pulps, such as those made from bamboo or kenaf ...

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