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Wolverine seeks out Professor X for help restoring his son's lost memories. Wolverine learns that Daken is being manipulated by a man named Romulus, the same man who manipulated Wolverine before Weapon X. Wolverine and Professor Xavier are able to save Daken and reveal to him the truth surrounding his mother's death. Father and son plan to track Romulus together and kill him. Daken later betrays Wolverine to ally with Cyber, and then betrays Cyber to hunt Romulus alone.

When Daken joins the Dark Avengers, Wolverine meets with Nick Fury. Fury shares his information on Romulus, including Wolverine's close connection to the Hudson family. Fury accompanies Wolverine to New York to stop Daken's attack on the X-Men, but Daken escapes again.

Wolverine tracks Daken, but is confronted by Victor Hudson, one of Romulus's henchmen. Forced to choose between chasing Romulus or Daken, Wolverine chooses Daken. Meanwhile, Daken has employed the Tinkerer to turn his claws more like his father's.

Wolverine continues to track down Romulus and Victor Hudson in Russia. Following Hudson, Wolverine believes he is close to Romulus when he discovers he has been led into a trap. He is attacked by and defeats Omega Red. He escapes the trap with the carbonadium synthesizer.

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