Wizards of High Sorcery - Spellcrafting


There are nine groupings of magic in the world of Krynn, also called schools :

  • abjuration (or protective magic) & divination ; those are provinces of White Robed Mages ;
  • illusion & transmutation (or transforming magic) ; those are provinces of Red Robed Mages ;
  • enchantment (mind influencing magic) & necromancy (life, death and undeath influencing magic) ; those are provinces of Black Robed Mages ;
  • conjuration (transport magic), evocation (energy wielding magic) and universal ; those form the common background of all mages.

As apprentices, mages may choose to specialize in any one of them except universal magic, but it's not mandatory. Specializing brings enhanced power in a chosen school while losing access to one or two schools of magic (except divination or universal magic).

Evokers and conjurers do not face any moral problem when accessing any order. Specialized wizards tend to enter the order whose favored school they have already chose, but they are not forced to - though moral problems could arise from a necromancer's joining the White Robes for instance.

Newly accepted Wizards of High Sorcery may benefit from (further) specializing in one of the schools favored by his chosen order. However, greater power comes at the cost of losing access to schools favored by the other orders.

Wizards may also gain access to various branches of high sorcery like war magic, become loremasters or even access to the exalted status of archmagi - like most members of the Conclave.

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