Wizards of High Sorcery - Conclave


It could be said the last goal for any wizard is to become a member of the Conclave of Wizards. Only the most respected and powerful mages of each order can achieve this, however. The Conclave itself is formed of twenty one wizards: seven White, seven Red and seven Black Robes.

The leader of each Order is called the Head of that Order, each order choosing its own Head as it sees fit :

  • White Robes vote, thus their leader is often a wise or charismatic person;
  • Red Robes play, thus their leader is often either clever or lucky - or both;
  • Black Robes fight, even to the death, thus their leader often is the most aggressive or domineering archmage.

The Highmage is chosen among the Conclave (most of the times among the Heads of the three orders) to lead the Conclave of Mages. They are chosen by the votes of all Wizards of High Sorcery on Ansalon through the consensus spell - the selected Highmage is then surrounded by a corona of light according to the feelings of the majority of Ansalon's Robed Mages.

Conclave wizards (even the Highmage) remain in their position until either their death or their removal by the rest of the Conclave. They may also choose to simply step down.

Between other functions, the Conclave specifies the different guidelines the wizards must follow. They may look for promising new recruits, prepare Tests for apprentices, and research for new ways of employing magic.

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