Wittmann may refer to:

  • Dola Ben-Yehuda Wittmann (1902-2005), daughter of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda
  • Franz Wittmann (physicist) (1869–1932), Hungarian electrician and physicist
  • Franz Wittmann, Sr. (1950), Austrian rally driver
  • Franz Wittmann, Jr. (born 1983), Austrian rally driver
  • Fritz Wittmann (born 1933), German politician
  • Heinz-Günter Wittmann (1927–1990), German biochemist
  • Heinz Wittmann (born 1943), German football player
  • Henri (Hirsch) Wittmann (born 1937), Quebec linguist
  • Jürgen Wittmann (born 1966), German football coach
  • Marshall Wittmann, American pundit, author, and sometime political activist
  • Michael Wittmann (1914–1944), World War II German tank commander
  • Wittmann, Arizona, United States

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Marshall Wittmann
... Marshall Wittmann is an American pundit, author, and sometime political activist ... Wittmann is a former senior fellow at the Progressive Policy Institute, a think tank affiliated with the Democratic Leadership Council ...
Bourbonnais Creole - Bibliography
... Wittmann, Henri (1972) ... Wittmann, Henri (1995) ... Robert Fournier Henri Wittmann, 281-334 ...
Patrizius Wittman
... He was the son of Johann Wittmann, a stonemason, and his wife Maria Anna Hirschle ... Johann Joseph Ignaz von Döllinger induced Wittmann to issue his "Die Herrlichkeit der Kirche in ihren Missionen seit der Glaubensspaltung" (2 vols ... Wittmann was also largely instrumental in the founding of a motherhouse of the Sisters of Charity and of a hospice and home for workmen under the direction of the Capuchins ...
Narreme - Bibliography
... Symplokê 171-2.205-213 Tusseau, Jean-Pierre Henri Wittmann ... Wittmann, Henri ... Wittmann, Henri ...
Marshall Wittmann - Political Stances
... Wittmann has changed his political party affiliation and often revamps his political philosophy ... Wittmann describes himself as a member of the "McCainiac wing of the Democratic Party" ... to a 2004 The New York Sun article, Wittmann is a neo-conservative and social conservative who "worship" McCain but split with the Republican Party to support John Kerry's candidacy for ...