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Oolated Luck - Plot
... Still decided to get all the raffle tickets within the balloons, Donald tries to grab them as soon they are released ... to get it, said that either a bird will pop the balloon for him or it simply doesn't have the winning ticket ... with the idea of one person having all the tickets, but Huey, Dewey and Louie say there's only 9,999 of the 10,000 ...
List Of Confidence Tricks - Gambling Tricks - Lottery Fraud By Proxy
... Lottery fraud by proxy is a scam in which the scammer buys a lottery ticket with old winning numbers ... He or she then alters the date on the ticket so that it appears to be from the day before, and therefore a winning ticket ... He or she then sells the ticket to the mark, claiming it is a winning ticket, but for some reason, he or she is unable to collect the prize (not eligible ...

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    It’s no go the merry-go-round, it’s no go the rickshaw
    All we want is a limousine and a ticket for the peepshow.
    Louis MacNeice (1907–1963)

    There are two great pleasures in gambling: that of winning and that of losing.
    French proverb.