Wing Commander

Wing Commander may refer to:

  • Wing commander (rank), a military rank
  • Wing Commander (franchise), the Origin Systems computer game series and related franchise.
    • Wing Commander (video game), the first title in the Wing Commander computer game series.
    • Wing Commander (novel series), a collection of books set in the game universe.
    • Wing Commander (film), a 1999 film based on the computer game.
    • Wing Commander Academy - an American animated television series based on the computer game.
  • Wing Commander (horse), a six-time World Grand Champion show horse.

Other articles related to "wing commander, commander, wing":

Connecticut Wing Civil Air Patrol - Current Command Structure
... As of December 2011, the wing commander of the CTWG is Col Cassandra Huchko ... The interim vice commander position is held by Lt Col Matthew Valleau ... The vice commander is responsible for coordinating the wing echelon with the subordinate units, specifically the squadrons ...
List Of British Gallantry Awards For Operation Granby - Air Force Cross
... RAF and RAF Detachment, King Khalid International Airport, Riyadh Wing Commander Jerome Connolly, Royal Air Force Officer Commanding, No. 16 Squadron and Jaguar Detachment, Thumrait Wing Commander Richard Vaughan Morris, Royal Air Force Officer Commanding, No. 14 Squadron and Tornado Squadron, Al Muharraq Wing Commander Andrew Ernest Neal, Royal Air Force Officer Commanding, No ...
Cathcart Wight-Boycott - Honours and Awards
... operations against the enemy to Acting Wing Commander Cathcart Michael Wight-Boycott (72005), Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, No ... Since July, 1941, Wing Commander Wight-Boycott has completed much operational flying by night ... Wing Commander Wight-Boycott's exceptional personal feat and the fine performance of his squadron was in keeping with his reputation for outstanding enthusiasm and thoroughness 21 November ...
History Of The United States Air Force - Cold War and War in Korea
... This was the "Base Plan" where the combat group commander reported to the base commander, who was often regular army, with no flying experience ... Spaatz established a new policy, "No tactical commander should be subordinate to the station commander." This resulted in a search for a better arrangement ... The commander of the 15th Air Force, Major General Charles Born, proposed the Provisional Wing Plan, which basically reversed the situation and put the wing commander over the base commander ...
Wing Commander (horse)
... Wing Commander was a saddlebred show horse ... In 1950 Life magazine featured Wing Commander as an example of a fine athlete and an American Idol ... Wing Commander stood at stud at Castleton Farms in Lexington, Kentucky ...

Famous quotes containing the words commander and/or wing:

    A commander in the field must sometimes go against the king’s orders.
    Chinese proverb.

    Love’s the only thing I’ve thought of or read about since I was knee-high. That’s what I always dreamed of, of meeting somebody and falling in love. And when that remarkable thing happened, I was going to recite poetry to her for hours about how her heart’s an angel’s wing and her hair the strings of a heavenly harp. Instead I got drunk and hollered at her and called her a harpy.
    Ben Hecht (1893–1964)