Wilbanks is a surname, which may refer to:

  • John Wilbanks, vice president of Science Commons
  • Jennifer Carol Wilbanks, of the runaway bride case
  • Hilliard A. Wilbanks (1933–1967), an American officer and pilot
  • Don Wilbanks (1901-1984), stage and television actor
  • David D. Wilbanks (1923–2008), an World War 2 veteran

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John Wilbanks - Education and Career - Science Commons
... Scientific American in 2011 featured Wilbanks in The Machine That Would Predict The Future ... Seed magazine named Wilbanks among their Revolutionary Minds of 2008, as a "Game Changer" and the Utne Reader named him in 2009 as one of "50 visionaries who are changing ... Wilbanks lead a We the People petition supporting the free access of taxpayer-funded research data, which gained over 65,000 signatures ...
John Wilbanks - Education and Career
... John Wilbanks grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA ... During this time Wilbanks was also a grassroots coordinator and fundraiser for the American Physical Therapy Association ... While at the Berkman Center, Wilbanks founded Incellico, Inc ...
Satisfied (Decembe Radio Album) - Track Listing
... Eric Miker, Josh Reedy and Scotty Wilbanks, except where noted. 322 "Believer" – 340 "For Your Glory" (Bunn, Daughdrill, Miker, Reedy, Wilbanks, Brian White) – 356 "Gasoline" – 251 "Falling for You" – 239 "Look for Me" (Bunn, Daughdrill, Miker, Reedy, Wilbanks ...
Hilliard A. Wilbanks - Medal of Honor Citation
... Wilbanks was pilot of an unarmed, light aircraft flying visual reconnaissance ahead of a South Vietnam Army Ranger Battalion ... Wilbanks' discovery had compromised their position and ability to launch a surprise attack, immediately fired on the small aircraft with all available firepower ... Wilbanks recognized that close support aircraft could not arrive in time to enable the rangers to withstand the advancing enemy, onslaught ...
Playmakers - Episodes
... II" Bruce McDonald Peter Egan September 16, 2003 (2003-09-16) The Cougars' team owner Wilbanks pressures the young, star running back DH to change his statement about the shooting at the ... Speaking of deception, DH's drug abuse comes to a head when Wilbanks sends him to detox ... McConnell treads on dangerous ground with Wilbanks' daughter 08 "Down and Distance" John Bell Craig Sweeny October 14, 2003 (2003-10-14) Olczyk prepares to face his ...