Who is william dewitt snodgrass?

Famous quotes containing the words dewitt snodgrass, snodgrass and/or dewitt:

    Though trees turn bare and girls turn wives,
    We shall afford our costly seasons;
    There is a gentleness survives
    That will outspeak and has its reasons.
    There is a loveliness exists,
    Preserves us, not for specialists.
    —William Dewitt Snodgrass (b. 1926)

    in darkness and in hedges
    I sang my sour tone
    and all my love was howling
    conspicuously alone.
    —William Dewitt Snodgrass (b. 1926)

    And you, whiner, who wastes your time
    Dawdling over the remorseless earth,
    What evil, what unspeakable crime
    Have you made your life worth?
    —William Dewitt Snodgrass (b. 1926)