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Joseph Chamberlain

Joseph Chamberlain (8 July 1836 – 2 July 1914) was a British politician and statesman. Unlike most major politicians of the time, he was a self-made businessman and had not attended either Oxford or Cambridge university.

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Birmingham West (UK Parliament Constituency) - Election Results - Elections in The 1880s
1886 Birmingham, West Party Candidate Votes % ±% Liberal Unionist Joseph Chamberlain unopposed Turnout 10,329 N/A Liberal Unionist gain from Liberal ...
Austen Chamberlain - Early Life and Career
... Austen Chamberlain was born in Birmingham, the second child and eldest son of Joseph Chamberlain, then a rising industrialist and political radical, later Mayor of ... Joseph Chamberlain was so shaken by this event that for almost twenty-five years he maintained a distance from his first-born son ... In 1868, Joseph married Harriet's cousin, Florence, and had further children, the oldest of whom, Neville, would become Prime Minister in the year of Austen's death ...
Charles Stewart Parnell - Towards Home Rule
... in March 1885 the settlement that the radical MP Joseph Chamberlain proposed involved democratic county councils which in turn would elect a Central Board for ... late 1870s and was still the most likely alternative leader) refused to serve at all, while Joseph Chamberlain briefly held office then resigned when he saw the terms of the ... Birmingham (the fiefdom of its former mayor Joseph Chamberlain who as recently as 1885 had been a furious enemy of the Conservatives) and the House of ...
Chamberlain (surname)
... Chamberlain is the surname of Alec Chamberlain, English football player Alexander Francis Chamberlain, Canadian anthropologist Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, English Football player Ardwight ... and poetry in the early 19th century Brenda Chamberlain, Canadian politician Brenda Chamberlain (artist), Welsh artist and poet Bob Chamberlain Australian founder of ... Chamberlain (1795–1878), New York politician Charles Joseph Chamberlain, American botanist Cyril Chamberlain, British actor Daniel Henry Chamberlain, American ...
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... Joseph Chamberlain (1903) ... Joseph Chamberlain (1885) ... Joseph Chamberlain (1902) ...

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