Who is john milton hay?

Famous quotes containing the words john milton, hay and/or milton:

    Rather your dauntless virtue, whom the pain
    Of death denounced, whatever thing Death be,
    Deterred not from achieving what might lead
    To happier life, knowledge of Good and Evil?
    Of good, how just! Of evil-if what is evil
    Be real, why not known, since easier shunned?
    John Milton (1608–1674)

    But Madame Bad Luck soberly comes
    And stays—no fancy has she for flitting;
    —John Milton Hay (1838–1905)

    Be it so, for I submit; his doom is fair,
    That dust I am and shall to dust return.
    O welcome hour whenever! Why delays
    His hand to execute what his decree
    Fixed on this day? Why do I overlive?
    Why am I mocked with death, and lengthened out
    To deathless pain? How gladly would I meet
    Mortality, my sentence, and be earth
    Insensible! how glad would lay me down
    As in my mother’s lap!
    —John Milton (1608–1674)