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Hugh And I
... Hugh and I was a highly successful black-and-white British sitcom that aired from 1962 to 1967 ... It starred Terry Scott and Hugh Lloyd as two friends who shared lodgings with Terry's mother and was followed by a sequel called Hugh and I Spy ... Hugh and I was written by John T ...
Life In The Iron Mills - Characters
... Hugh Wolfe is a Welsh puddler, who was born into poverty, is a laborer who turns pig iron into wrought iron by puddling ... Despite the demanding hours at the mill, Hugh has a special talent artistic talent to sculpt out of korl, "a light, porous substance, of a delicate, waxen ... Many of the workers make fun of Hugh for his interest in sculpting and his relationship with Deborah ...
Hugh, Son Of Charlemagne
... Hugh (802–844) was the illegitimate son of Charlemagne and his concubine Regina, with whom he had one other son Bishop Drogo of Metz (801–855) ... Hugh was the abbot of several abbacies Saint-Quentin (822–823), Lobbes (836), and Saint-Bertin (836) ... He is sometimes confused with Hugh the Abbot, resulting in the erroneous claim that he had a daughter, Petronilla (born 825, date of death unknown), who married Tertullus ...
Hugh Arbuthnot (British Army Officer)
... General Sir Hugh Arbuthnot, KCB (1780 – 11 June 1868) was Member of Parliament for Kincardineshire 1826–1865 ... Sir Hugh, a son of John Arbuthnot, 7th Viscount of Arbuthnott, was the younger brother of John Arbuthnott, 8th Viscount of Arbuthnott and helped the latter out ...
Eric Birley - Birley Family
... Eric was the great-great-nephew of Hugh Hornby Birley, who led the troops at the Peterloo Massacre ... The Birley family tree Richard Birley (1743–1812) Hugh Hornby Birley (1778–1845) Joseph Birley (1782–1847) Joseph Hornby Birley (1827 - 1881) Thomas Hornby Birley (1815–1885) Hugh Birley (1817–188 ...

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    Then we grow up to be Daddy. Domesticated men with undomesticated, frontier dreams. Suddenly life—or is it the children?—is not as cooperative as it ought to be. It’s tough to be in command of anything when a baby is crying or a ten-year-old is in despair. It’s tough to feel a sense of control when you’ve got to stop six times during the half-hour ride to Grandma’s.
    Hugh O’Neill (20th century)

    But country folks who live beneath
    The shadow and the steeple;
    The parson and the parson’s wife,
    And mostly married people;
    —Arthur Hugh Clough (1819–1861)

    Thou shalt not kill; but need’st not strive
    Officiously to keep alive.
    —Arthur Hugh Clough (1819–1861)