Who is Francois Villon?

  • (noun): French poet (flourished around 1460).
    Synonyms: Villon

François Villon

... François Villon (in modern French, pronounced in fifteenth-century French, ) (c. 1431–1464) was a French poet, thief, killer, barroom brawler, and vagabond ...

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Nonda - 1960's Public Art On A Large Scale
... most famous were the 1960 exhibition devoted to the 15th century poet Francois Villon and the 1963 exhibition known for the massive wooden sculpture of a “Trojan Horse” which Nonda lived inside for the ... The Villon exhibition was dedicated to the life and work of Francois Villon, the 15th century French poet ... Forty-six years ago, this huge canvas of Villon’s feast hung as the centerpiece of the show ...
François Villon - References in Popular Culture
... Justin Huntly McCarthy wrote a play, "If I Were King", imagining a swashbuckling Villon matching wits with Louis XI, climaxing with Villon finding love in Louis' court and ... Though largely fictitious (there is no evidence Villon and Louis even met), this proved to be a long-running success for the actor Sir George Alexander and a perennial on stage and screen for the next several decades ... Daniela Fischerová wrote a play in Czech that focused on Villon's trial called "Hodina mezi psem a vlkem"—translated to "Dog and Wolf" but literally translates as "Th ...

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    And that good Joan whom Englishmen
    At Rouen doomed and burned her there,—
    Mother of God, where are they then? . . .
    Francois Villon (1431–1465)