Who is carl gustav?

Carl Gustav

Carl Gustav refers to two Kings of Sweden:

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List Of Former Nazi Party Members - List
1946 Yes (1946) Supreme commander of armed forces Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach, Gustav 1940 (honorary) N/A ? ? 1950 ... No Party financier Ley, Robert 1924 No ? Rheinland-Süd 1945 ... No Head of German Labour ... of the Auschwitz I concentration camp Alfred Baeumler (1887–1968) Werner Best (1903–1989) Carl Diem (1882–1962). 2nd SS Division Das Reich Fritz Lenz (1887–1976) Siegfried Lenz (born 1926), Carl Oberg, (1897, 1965) SS and Police Leader headed all German police units in ...
Recoilless Rifle - History
... During the Second World War the Swedish company Bofors Carl Gustaf developed a small 20 mm device, the 20mm m/42 the British expressed their interest in it, but by that point anti-tank rifles were ... front-line recoilless rifles in the armies of industrialized nations is the famous Carl Gustav recoilless rifle, an 84 mm man-portable anti-tank weapon ... The 84 mm (Carl Gustav recoilless rifle) can be used, along with 66 mm (AKA M72 LAW) and LAW 80 for mouse-holing whilst fighting in built-up areas (FIBUA) ...
Carl Gustav - Weaponry
... Bofors Carl Gustaf, a Swedish armaments company Carl Gustav recoilless rifle, an anti-tank weapon Carl Gustav M/45, a submachine gun ...
List Of Eponymously Named Medical Signs
... thoracic outlet syndrome obliteration of radial pulse with manoeuvres A Alexander's law Gustav Alexander neurology, neurosurgery, ENT vestibular lesions describes nystagmus in ... bodies Erich Franz Eugen Bracht, Hermann Julius Gustav Wächter cardiology infective endocarditis yellow-white spots in the myocardium B Branham's sign Henry ... of skin and tissue over interphalangeal joint G Gerhardt's sign Carl Jakob Adolf Christian Gerhardt Gerhardt's sign at Who Named It? http//cancerweb.n ...
AT4 - Operation
... The AT4 may be considered a disposable, low-cost alternative to a Carl Gustav recoilless rifle ... The AT4 took many of its design features from the Carl Gustav, which operates on the principle of a recoilless weapon, where the forward inertia of the projectile is balanced by the mass of propellant ... But unlike the Carl Gustav, which uses a heavier and more expensive steel tube with rifling, the disposable AT4 design greatly reduces manufacturing costs by using a reinforced smoothbore fiberglass outer ...

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    The millere was a stout carl for the nones;
    Geoffrey Chaucer (1340?–1400)