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Between The Darkness And The Light - Synopsis
... She decides that the White Star warships are the most capable of handling this threat, and so she leaves the resistance fleet under the command of Sheridan's old warship, the Agamemnon, and ... but are all ultimately destroyed by the White Stars, which are smaller but faster and much more maneuverable than the lumbering destroyers ... However, many of the White Stars are themselves destroyed or heavily damaged in the fight ...
Flag Of Ecuador - History
... On October 9, 1820, a new flag, a blue and white bicolour, with five horizontal alternating stripes, and three white stars in the middle stripe, was raised for the ... The three stars represent Guayaquil, Portoviejo and Machala ... Previously, a vertical white, blue and white flag was used ...
Medal Of Honor - Appearance - Ribbons, Lapel Button, and "V" Device
... The center of the ribbon displays thirteen white stars in the form of three chevrons ... The service ribbon is light blue with five white stars in the form of an "M" ... The lapel button is a 1/2 inch, six-sided light blue bowknot rosette with thirteen white stars and may be worn on appropriate civilian clothing on the left lapel ...
Confederation Of The Equator - Flag of The Confederation
... On the square was a white circle with the words "Religião, Independência, União, Liberdade" (religion, independence, union, liberty) separated by square bundles of rods, presumably the lictor's rods of the ... On the center of the white circle was a smaller blue circle divided by a horizontal white stripe, and thereon a red cross bottony, which Ribeiro says the ... Nine more white stars were arranged in a semicircle at the bottom of the blue circle ...

Famous quotes containing the words stars and/or white:

    Throw the children into the river; civilization has given us too
    It is better to die than to grow up and find that you are colored.
    Pluck the stars out of the heavens. The stars mark our destiny. The
    stars marked my destiny.
    I am tired of civilization.
    Fenton Johnson (1886–1958)

    On her white breast a sparkling cross she wore,
    Which Jews might kiss, and infidels adore.
    Alexander Pope (1688–1744)