What is Zion?

  • (noun): An imaginary place considered to be perfect or ideal.
    Synonyms: Utopia, Sion
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Zion (Hebrew: ציון‎) (also transliterated Sion, Tzion or Tsion) is a place name often used as a synonym for Jerusalem. The word is first found in Samuel II, 5:7 dating to c.630–540 BCE according to modern scholarship. It commonly referred to a specific mountain near Jerusalem (Mount Zion), on which stood a Jebusite fortress of the same name that was conquered by David and was named the City of David. The term Tzion came to designate the area of Jerusalem where the fortress stood, and later became a metonym for Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem, the city of Jerusalem and generally, the World to Come.

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Congregation Shaare Zion
... Congregation Shaare Zion (Hebrew שערי ציון) is an Orthodox Sephardic synagogue located at 2030 Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn, New York ... Shaare Zion typically has an estimated 1,000 worshipers who attend its services Fridays and Saturdays for Shabbat making it one of the largest Sephardic synagogues in North America ...
Astragalus Zionis
... Atragalus zionis is a species of legume known by the common name Zion milkvetch ... It is one of the earliest flowers to bloom in Zion canyon ... Its range extends from Zion National Park across southern Utah through Glen Canyon to San Juan County, Utah at altitudes of 970 to 2200 meters ...
Zion, Maryland
... Zion is an unincorporated community in Cecil County, Maryland, United States ... The Isaac England House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980 ...
List Of Jewish Medal Of Honor Recipients - Battle of Peking, China (Boxer Rebellion)
... William Zion from Indiana was the only American Jew to receive the medal during this conflict ... Image Name Service Rank Place of action Date of action Notes References — Zion, WilliamWilliam Zion Marine Corps E-01 !Private Battle of Peking 01900-07-21Jul 21, 1900-01900-08-17Aug 17, 1900 Distinguished himself ...
Synagogues Of Jerusalem - Active Synagogues - Menachem Zion Synagogue
... The Menachem Zion Synagogue located in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, Jerusalem, Israel, was completed in 1837 ... and after the blessing of consolation recited on Tisha B'Av "Blessed be He who consoles (menachem) Zion and rebuilds Jerusalem" ...

More definitions of "Zion":

  • (noun): Originally a stronghold captured by David (the 2nd king of the Israelites); above it was built a temple and later the name extended to the whole hill; finally it became a synonym for the city of Jerusalem.
    Example: "The inhabitants of Jerusalem are personified as 'the daughter of Zion'"
    Synonyms: Sion