What is world war?

  • (noun): A war in which the major nations of the world are involved.

World War

A world war is a war affecting most of the world's most powerful and populous countries. World wars span multiple countries on multiple continents, with battles fought in multiple theaters.

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1945 In Canada - Events
1944-1945 World War II Japan's Special Balloon Regiment drops 9,000 balloon bombs over the Pacific Northwest, intended to cause panic, by starting ... January 20 - World War II The first conscripted Canadian soldiers arrive overseas February 8 - World War II The Anglo-Canadian Operation Veritable launched in the Netherlands February 24 - Radio Canada ... becomes the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps August 15 - VJ Day marks the end of the Second World War ...
United States S Class Submarine - Service
... These boats saw service in World War II in both the Atlantic and the Pacific ... Smaller and slower than many of the submarines produced for war service, and lacking the range for Pacific Ocean patrols (as well as being 20 years old ... In World War II, S-class boats did not use the newer Mark 14 torpedo, standard in fleet submarines, due to shorter torpedo tubes, relying on the ...
Irish Nationalism - History - World War I and The Easter Rising
... was divided over the attitude of their leadership to Ireland's involvement in World War I ... The majority followed John Redmond in support of the British and Allied war effort, seeing it as the only option to ensure the enactment of Home Rule after the war, Redmond saying "you will return as an. 10th and 16th Divisions of the New British Army formed for the War ...
Frederick III, German Emperor - Legacy
... more liberal democratic country, and prevented its militaristic path toward war ... McCullough claims that Frederick would have averted World War I—and by extension the resulting Weimar Republic—while other historians such as Michael Balfour go even further by postulating that ... Author Michael Freund states outright that both world wars would have been averted had Frederick lived longer ...
QF 3 Inch 20 Cwt
... and bombers and on the Western Front in World War I ... It was also common on British warships in World War I and submarines in World War II ... the term "3 inch" was only ever used to identify this gun in the World War I era, and hence this is what writers are usually referring to by "3 inch AA gun" ...

Famous quotes containing the words war and/or world:

    ... in any war a victory means another war, and yet another, until some day inevitably the tides turn, and the victor is the vanquished, and the circle reverses itself, but remains nevertheless a circle.
    Pearl S. Buck (1892–1973)

    The world is all that is the case. The world is the totality of facts, not of things.
    Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889–1951)